Where the magic of forests and blockchain meet.

The world's first stablecoin backed by physical forest that generates offset credits to its holders.

A growing number of individuals and companies are pledging to help stop climate change by reducing their own greenhouse gas emissions and offsetting what they cannot eliminate. As a result the voluntary carbon offset market is expected to grow 50X in the coming 10 years and novel solutions to meet the demand are needed. However, the traditional “donation model” does not scale, and insight into how the money is used and its actual impact is limited.Trees are the most efficient carbon sequesters but due to the high demand of timber and urban growth we still cut more forest than we plant. Investing in forest is considered one of the easiest and most tangible ways to offset carbon emissions but acquiring and managing a forest is costly, a cumbersome process and it is hard to sell quickly if a sudden need arises.This is why TREE was founded. A new way of offsetting carbon emissions through forest investment, made accessible to all. TREE is an asset backed digital token where every coin is backed by 1 m2 of forest, owned and managed by the TREE Foundation and continuously audited for transparency. It is a stable and green investment through which individuals and companies alike can positively impact their carbon footprint and be part of a new movement to combat climate change and preserve biodiversity.

How it works

TREE explained for blockchain novices and crypto veterans

TREE is a new way of making a green investment savoring the magic of forest through utilizing web3 technology.The TREE Foundation acquires carbon sequestering forest land to combat climate change and preserve biodiversity. The Foundation issues TREE tokens that enables individuals and companies looking to positively impact their carbon footprint to be part of this new green movement. TREE is an asset backed token, which means that every TREE coin is backed by 1 m2 of forest owned by the Foundation. It is a stablecoin, which means that the price is fixed (at USD 0.50).TREE tokens can be purchased either with crypto currency or by debit/credit card.Buying TREE tokens enables the TREE Foundation to acquire more forest and issue more tokens by minting new TREE coins, thereby growing the global impact of the movement.The holders of TREE tokens can generate carbon offset credits by staking their tokens, i.e. depositing them for a certain period of time. The carbon sequestered by the forest area corresponding to the staked tokens will accrue the holder of the tokens. Carbon offset credit certificates will be issued to the token holders every 90 days. These certificates can be retired, i.e. used to offset the holder's carbon emissions, gifted to others or sold. The carbon offset certificate will be issued in the form of an NFT, i.e. a non-fungible token, either to your crypto wallet or as a PDF.TREE creates economies of scale by using crypto and blockchain to provide a green, stable and liquid new investment model accessible to all.

"I have always believed in the significance of grass root level initiatives. With the help of blockchain technology we can make individual efforts to fight climate change scale to have a global impact."

Johanna (CEO)

The TREE Forests


Vault for 40.000 tons of carbon

Today the TREE Foundation owns and manages around 150 acres (600.000 m2) of forest land in Northern Finland.Est. annual Co2 sequestration: 720tMinting of offset credit NFTs starts in Q2/2023. Harvest and regrowth activities will start Q3/2023. More forest will be acquired following demand.

"TREE is the perfect way for me to join the fight against climate change. I keep some of my savings as TREE tokens, yielding a much better value than they would on my bank account."

TREE advisory board member

Our story

We believe that small innovations can make a huge difference and empower great masses. TREE wants to make it possible for everyone to take action with effect in the fight against climate change.There was 17 minutes left on the online auction of a forest parcel that met all the criteria. This is the one, he said. I think we should do it.Sharing a home office - he running his tech companies and she a legal practice - the two had for quite some time now played around with innovative ideas for a new joint project in which they could combine the strengths of their professional experience to do something truly meaningful for this world.Oh, you mean that thing where anyone could offset their carbon emissions themselves by buying cryptocoins from a foundation that then invests that money into forest, she asked. He nodded and pointed to the clock now showing 16 minutes. Do you think it will work, she hesitated. Well we won't know unless we try, and should we fail we will at least have offset our own carbon footprints for life if I press buy.Okay, she said.

Buy TREE tokens and Carbon Offset Credits (Coming Q1 2023)


$0.50 / coin

The easiest way to make a positive impact on climate change. Instead of keeping that money on your bank account put it to work for a better tomorrow and sell when needed.

  • Investing in forest without maintenance or admin work

  • The greenest crypto currency

  • Be part of the movement and increase its global impact


$20 / ton

TREE token holders generate carbon offset credits when they stake their tokens. The offset credits can be retired to offset the holder's carbon emissions, gifted or sold.

  • Buy carbon offset certificates

  • NFT to your wallet or as PDF to your email/phone

  • Great gift for employees, family and friends

Buy & Hold

Why should you let carbon offsetting be a cost when it can be an asset. Buy TREE tokens and generate your own carbon offset credits. The longer you hold the TREE tokens the more carbon you can offset.

Personal offset

Holding e.g. 10.000 TREE tokens ($5.000) offsets around 10 tons of CO2 per year which equals the average annual carbon footprint of a person living in the Western World.

Corporate offset

Make your business carbon neutral - or even better, carbon positive - with TREE. Buy some tokens for all your employees and/or offset your business related emissions.

The TREE token
TREE is an TRC-20 token built on the Tron blockchain. This enables the TREE token to be utilized across the Etherium blockchains extensive ecosystem of wallets, exchanges and DeFi applications.
TREE Tokens can be bought, sold and staked. Every TREE token is backed by 1m2 of carbon sequestering forest land owned and managed by the TREE Foundation. By bridging physical forest ownership with the speed and mobility of cryptocurrency, TREE is able to solve many of today's challenges related to owning forest.FAQ >>Under Construction<<Key benefits of holding TREE tokens:
• The TREE token is inherently a stable token - little room for speculation due to its asset backed model.
• Buy and sell whenever you want. Effective and liquid markets are a key when investing in anything.
• Investment in forest but with zero admin and annual filing work.
• Stake your tokens and earn carbon offset NFTs that you can retire, gift or sell.
Working on a ISRS 4400 or equivalent voluntary asset audit model together with a global accounting company. Release expected early 2023.
How to buy the token?
Buy TREE tokens through our swap or with credit card.
Don't worry if you don't have a crypto wallet, we will help you set it up.I like what you do at TREE, can I get involved in some way?
Yes! E-mail us at tree@teamtree.xyz and let's talk.

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TREE Roadmap

Frequently Asked

  • Do I own the land or how does this work? No, the land is legally owned by the TREE Trust. The process of personally owning land, especially in a foreign country, is many times hard which is why we have structured TREE in. a way where it's the Trust who own the land and your tokens are backed by its land ownership. You basically get the same benefit without any administrative hassle.

  • How many coins should I buy? That's obviously 100% up to you. One token costs $0.45 and that is backed by 1m2 of land. An average person living in the US or EU has a 7-14 ton carbon footprint. On average, owning 10K tokens (10 000m2) would make you more or less carbon neutral. We never want to talk about definitive numbers when it comes to these things because they vary so much. We are big believers in rough estimates and rather doing something than nothing.

  • How does the TREE Trust make money to cover its costs? The TREE Trust charges a 1% transaction fee when people sell or buy the token. Additionally the Trust will charge a revenue share from future sales on the NFT marketplace.

  • How do I know the TREE Trust actually owns any land? We work with one of the world's top auditors (KPMG) with whom we produce voluntary ISRS4400 audits to ensure full transparency and so you know your money is safe.

  • How can you keep the coin price stable? TREE has a max supply of 10 Bn coins. This means that until all coins are sold (which might take a while) you can always purchase them directly from the TREE Trust for a fixed price of $0.45/token. In order to make sure there's always a buyer for tokens we utilize a similar liquidity mechanism as banks do. Instead of the government required 8% cash liquidity banks have, the trust keeps 15% of its assets as cash in the liquidity pool (and rest is used for land purchases). This way we have the ability to buy your tokens if you for some reason need the money you initially invested in us and won't have to start selling land to cash you out.

  • How does staking work and what do I get for it? Soon after launch we will launch our staking pools. By staking (locking in your tokens for a specific time) your tokens will start earning Carbon Offset Credits which can be minted into NFTs. The more coins you stake, the higher offset tier you get. Minimum stake is 1000 TREE which will yield 500kg of Offset Credits per annum, 10 000 tokens yields 7000kg and 100 000 tokens 100 000kg (plus a special TREE Hero Holder NFT). These NFTs can be held, gifted or sold on NFT marketplaces (own and partner marketplace).

  • What's the benefit of buying TREE instead of just buying forest? The main benefits are 1. Ease of purchase - just buy the coin and TREE does the rest, no regulatory restrictions that buying land in abroad often brings, 2. Ease of ownership - no annual tax filings, no maintenance and management, 3. Cost - admin, management and acquisition costs are all lower the more land you buy and manage. One acre of forest can proportionately cost you 10X what 5000 acres costs, and 4. Asset liquidity - if you for some reason feel like you need the money you've invested with TREE, you can always sell without having to take a big price cut.